Aussies in the USA Update – July 2016


Before I get into an update on how our Aussie baseball guns are doing in the U.S, let me offer my apologies for being absent from ABLBUZZ for too long! Those of you that follow the ABL religiously (which of course is the correct way to follow it) would know that I spent a lot of my ever-diminishing spare time presenting ABL Hot Corner last season alongside Jamie “Janga” Kloeden.


If you aren’t aware of our work on ABL Hot Corner, please take a few minutes away from hunting for Pokémon characters and head here to watch some of our work. As always, your support is much appreciated.

Baseball is Family.


June 22nd, 2015. The day my baseball world came full circle. From Australia to the U.S.A, from the Australian Baseball League to Major League Baseball. In the most perfect setting for baseball, period.

Like many a young Aussie school kid back in the 70’s, sport was my life. Thanks to some pretty amazing parents, I was blessed with enough skill to get through the “hard” part of school – the actual school work – but like most I couldn’t wait until the siren went so I could get to the good stuff. Aussie Rules footy and cricket were the staples, whether it was practice after school or game day on a Saturday morning, I looked forward to every opportunity to run around with my mates and get boot on leather in winter, or snag one in the slips in winter. Even the pain of that first smother on a crisp winter Adelaide morning – and the accompanying loss of all feeling in the hands for the rest of the game – couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for team sport.

Aussies Abroad Update – Everywhere Else Edition


I caught you up on all of our boys playing with Major League affiliated teams a couple of days ago, today it’s all about the boys playing in the four corners of the globe. Yes, I now a globe doesn’t have corners, but read on anyway and get up to speed with the Aussie’s in the U.S. Independent leagues, Japan, Korea and even Germany.



Aussies in the U.S. Update – Bigs to the Rookies Edition


With just 74 days until the first ABL pitch of the season is thrown in anger, now is a good a time as any to catch up on how our Aussie ballplayers are doing across the pond. I can tell you one thing – they are doing a lot better than our cricketers…. In the first of a two part series, we kick off with our countrymen who are playing with major-league affiliated teams.

The Rising Sun Just Stole Our Boys Away

japan beer

OK, nobody stole anything, but I wanted to talk about Aussie ball players in Japan and what’s more Aussie than a bit of Cold Chisel?

So baseball lovers, before I pack up my ABLBUZZ T-shirt, my ABL playing tops and jump on the big bird for a well-earned U.S. holiday, I wanted to share some more updates from our Aussie boys playing in Japan. Check out these numbers below from some of your fave ABL players plying their trade in the land of the rising sun.

Aussie Antics Abroad


Hey baseball fans, with baseball in the USA back in full swing and the weather back home well and truly calling for chicken soup and crumpets next to a blazing open fire, I figured now was a good time to catch up on how our Aussies overseas are faring in their pursuit of their baseball dreams.

With Aussies spread all over the world plying their trade, here is a quick “around the horn” of what they have been up to so far.

ABLCS Series Preview – Adelaide vs Perth


It all comes down to this. A three-game series for all the marbles between the Adelaide Bite and the Perth Heat. The 64 dollar question is, who wins? I don’t profess to be a great among predicting outcomes in the ABL (though I did win the Tom Fee ABL tipping contest in 2012/13, so maybe I am selling myself short). Whatever the case, it is fun to run the slide rule across the teams and try to predict an outcome. Best case is I look like a genius if I’m right, and I figure even if I get it completely wrong at least I might give you a few stories to follow as the series unfolds, and it wouldn’t be the first time I have made a fool of myself – so let’s have at it.

Talking ABL with Nicholas R.W. Henning


Nicholas R.W. Henning writes books. This is not totally unusual. Nicholas R.W. Henning writes books about baseball. This is a little unusual. Nicholas R.W. Henning writes books about Australian baseball. This is extremely unusual. I’m talking Tim Burton “Edward Scissorhands” or David Lynch “Eraserhead” unusual.





A recent business trip to Sydney fortuitously allowed our paths to cross. Given I was 92 pages into Nick’s latest offering “Australian Baseball Musings” the timing was somewhat impeccable. Feeling the need for an icy cold beverage, I sat down with Nick to find out more about the man, his thoughts on Australian Baseball and how he ended up writing so many books on a subject that is a passion for many of us who follow the game locally and abroad.

Voice of the Fan – Bite and Aces get Nasty


Old Adelaide town was rockin’ tonnes of Lycra as the who’s who of professional road cycling descended downunder for the most prestigious event outside of Europe. Thousands of “mamils” added to the fun as a healthy Friday night crowd meandered into the edifice at Norwood… the author & BUZZ editor Boris trading a solid impromptu high five in the Northline car park ahead of greeting the Melbourne Aces.


Voice of the Fan – Bite make Sox Blue


The city of Adelaide had been sweltering through a mini heatwave with the Mercury hitting 44 deg C on Friday and tipping 39 deg C mid Saturday, a cool change sweeping through mid afternoon via some strong westerly ocean winds. Our thoughts & prayers go out to those in the bushfire ravaged far north eastern regions near Kersbrook as those families fight to save their homes, livelihoods and lives in local scenes described as the worst since 1983′s infamous ‘Ash Wednesday‘.

Of significantly less importance, game 3 of a 4 game set between the Adelaide Bite & Sydney Blue Sox was kicking off at 7:00 pm local after the teams had split the first 2 games 1 apiece. Notably for an unexplained quirky reason the first 2 games had been very long affairs to play out, as the partisan local fans strapped in to go the distance. Pitch-to-contact ‘thumber’ Morgan Coombs snared the 108 seamer for the locals, opposed to Sox verper Luke Wilkins.